Case studies and success stories

Boosting listens, launch trends, and test snippets
Pumping new track for Marshal Mallo

Marshal Mallo, a musician in the Opium Rap genre, approached us with the task of creating a trend in TikTok for his new track Kill La Kill.

We developed a strategy to match the Rage Rap trend and created visuals inspired by designer Rick Owens.

After one month of work, we saw the track's popularity skyrocket. The hashtag gained over 33 million views and the number of listens on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, increased significantly.

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Organic trend launch in TikTok for Encassator

Encassator, a newcomer to the world of experimental music, approached us to build on an existing trend in TikTok as well as increase streams on major platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

We developed a strategy that resonated with both local and global audiences.

For example, by using comment provoking subtitles, we increased the virality of the track and attracted new listeners.

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Organic trend for Shye's single

The artist operates in the indy pop genre, with a 100k+ listener base.

We developed a strategy and selected several themes for TikTok videos.

Already after 3 weeks, the artist's audience grew, and more than 150 people have published their TikToks with the song.

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Increase in streams for Tim Music's old single

Gaining popularity artist Tima Music writes his songs in an alternative genre, with long guitar parts and lo-fi sound. His 2020 track "Star" is a prime example of this.
The artist approached us at Track Pump with a request to promote this track.

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10 million views in 1 month for Mister Monj

Mister Monj is a local house / dancehall DJ, who was mostly unknown on Social media platforms.

He reached out to us to help him grow the younger part of his audience worldwide.

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